VTR is always committed to all stakeholders.
This responsibility and transparency determine our approach, from analysis to possible solutions.
Companies, their bodies, shareholders or financiers have to ask themselves numerous questions:

Companies in financial (di-)stress, their governing bodies, shareholders or financiers must ask themselves numerous questions:

  • Is the existing management able to handle the specific challenges of an acute corporate crisis or does it need hands-on support?
  • Are there enough experienced resources available with a proven track record in crisis management to implement concepts and measures?
  • Are internal resources or external consultants adequately managed? Are they effective and do they enjoy the confidence of all persons involved in the restructuring process?
  • Can the company’s value be increased through time-limited external fall-back solutions? Is it possible for financiers to reduce or avoid the need for write-downs/ book adjustments of loans?

VTR is guided by the following service principles:

  • Without exception, VTR’s partners and principals have been successful in their respective areas of expertise for many years.
  • They have therefore a high degree of credibility with all persons involved. One knows, appreciates and trusts each other.
  • VTR is independent, objective and impartial. Clients receive an objective picture of the corporate financial distress and feasible solutions.
  • As a rule, VTR’s partners and principals assume management functions and thus responsibility for the measures that they suggest or that should be implemented.
  • In addition to its own resources, VTR has an excellent network of relevant specialists and therefore solves even the most complex and, if applicable, international issues under one roof.