Future is our success

The world is changing faster and faster. And together with the world, the companies are changing, too. The pressure to change is enormous:
But every change offers an opportunity for the future. Together with our customers and partners, we use this opportunity to achieve future success.

We want to restore the value and values of companies by taking responsibility and creating transparency and ensure them on a sustainable basis. In doing so, we are committed to all stakeholders, from the owner and equity provider to the debt provider to the company and its employees.

We Are the Future. Together!

The great Challenges of our Time


Companies need to adapt faster and faster to new, mostly disruptive technologies. Digitization reaches all sectors and business models. Many traditional markets are experiencing steep declines. The change in the automotive industry caused by the electrification of vehicles is only one example.


No matter where a company is located, it must respond quickly to current challenges on other continents, to changing economic and political conditions in China (keyword “Silk Road”) and in the USA (keyword “America first”).


But not only corporates are increasingly feeling uncertain. The banks and the large financiers of the economy live in less predictable times, too. Regulation is growing, and this makes compliance requirements for investments more and more complex. The most important keywords today are “Asset Quality Rating”, “Stress Test”, “Basel 4 and 5”. At the same time, new alternative financing options result in new reporting guidelines, such as the International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS) which are increasingly replacing the reporting regulations pursuant to the German Commercial Code (HGB).

In these times, experts who support companies with their expertise in the necessary adjustment processes are in great demand. VTR Service is a specialized service provider for the operational management and the implementation of transformation and restructuring concepts for companies and organizations in transitional and special situations. In order for changes to secure the future of companies and jobs in the long term and to preserve the values for shareholders and financiers.