VTR Service is a service company specialized in the operational management and the implementation of transformation and restructuring concepts for companies and organizations in transitional and special situations.

VTR Service sees itself as an implementer of complex packages of measures, taking into account the legal, financial and political conditions – and thus explicitly not as a consultant or even interim management agent.

Transformation of companies

VTR focuses on the successful restructuring of companies. In this context, change management means almost always developing new and reorganizing established business processes, in many cases finding new sources of finance and only rarely liquidating business units or an entire company.

VTR Service

VTR’s service offering consists of:

  • sustainable value enhancement of the company by implementing performance improvement programs
  • reorganization and financial restructuring of corporations and groups of companies
  • carrying out in/ out of court reorganization proceedings as a governing body on the company side
  • crisis management and recovery in situations threatening the company’s existence

In some cases, VTR’s CROs or CxOs of VTR assume leadership responsibility in executive positions within the company for a defined period of time and, if necessary, the team of VTR Project Professionals supports the business organization at all levels and in all functional areas.

Your contact person:

Joern Trierweiler


The responsibility of the entire VTR team is always result-oriented.
Because we work for the future of our customers, not for the end in itself!